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We are a fully licenced and insured moving company that can help you with any kind of your local move.

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Local moving

Our hard-earned impeccable reputation comes solely from having high standards. We will plan your move effectively and take all the hard work off your shoulders, providing you with a reliable service that will exceed your expectations..

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Residential moving

No matter the size of your upcoming residential move, we’ll handle it safely and efficiently, while keeping you informed during every step of the way. Our aim is to take the stress out of your relocation.

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Apartment moving

We’re experts in moving you into or out of your apartment, making stairs and other obstacles seem like light work. Our fully trained, and insured movers will make your upcoming apartment or high-rise move an entirely stress-free experience.

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Packers and movers

Our expert movers and packers will provide you with a door-to-door experience that will help you save time and effort during your entire relocation. We know the most effective and efficient ways to pack and relocate your belongings while you sit back and relax.

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Our service

As one of the leaders in the moving industry, we are always looking to provide you with the best possible service for your upcoming relocation.

  • Experienced, professional and trained team
  • Support 7 days a week throughout every step of your move
  • Modern tolls and moving equipment
  • Insurance included


  • William and Almaz were excellent! Moved me out of my tri-level 2 bedroom condo very quick and efficiently. They handled all my belongings very carefully and carefully wrapped and unassembled all of my furniture. They hustled the entire time and made sure they could do as much as possible in as little time. I would highly recommend these two. Very friendly and personable and actually made moving fun. Thank you again William and Almaz for getting me into my new home!
    Jackie V.
  • These guys were great! They were very hardworking, master packers of the truck and very nice and polite. Everything was wrapped with cellophane and moving blankets and nothing was damaged. The next we had them come back for a few hours so they could move my gazillion potted plants. I have referred them already to my real estate agent who will be a great resource of referral business. The people who moved into the house we sold used them also. Thanks guys!! You all were amazing!
    Linda N.
  • We hired Elite Movers - Ontario to move our 1 bedroom apartment on the Ontario to Pomona. From the first call to Stephen, I knew I had chosen a great company. He was friendly and knowledgeable and was able to give me a fair quote right on the spot. On moving day, Barnes, Bruce, Upson and Timothy were on right time (Barnes even called 15 minutes ahead of time to let us know they were parking) The team was professional, friendly and knew exactly what they were doing. They
    Bernadette Richardson
    Google reviews
  • Edward, Moss and Miguel were fantastic for me! They waited patiently while the building sorted out their admission and then expertly and professionally packaged up my stuff in a very fast timeline. Extremely appreciative for the service and at a great price too. I had a second visit from Edward, Moss and Miguel today, who were extremely professional and fast. Great service again!
    Joslyn Sommer
    Google reviews
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