About us

Greenwood Village Movers was founded in 2008, in Greenwood Village, Colorado. We have remained a locally-owned business and have assisted a huge number of Denver residents with their relocations since the day we opened our doors to the public.

From day one, we had a clear vision of what we exactly intend to change in the chaotic world of moving, and have worked tirelessly to turn that simple vision into a reality. We strongly believe that people shouldn’t be skeptical when hiring professional movers to handle their relocation, but see it as a huge benefit and something that could make their entire moving process much easier. We believe that we have built a competent moving family, that has all the needed resources to make a significant change in the moving industry, and this is why we strive to keep moving forward. We understand that change starts with small things, which is why we began this process with our own company first. This is why we have never promised our clients a single service or benefit to their relocations that our moving crews didn’t deliver, or provide them with any information that we didn’t stay true to. We are always completely upfront, and straightforward with our clientele, and will continue to focus on open communication moving forward as well.

We take great pride in every individual that is a part of Greenwood Village Movers, and we know that we have one of the best furniture moving teams in Denver. Our movers have been rigorously trained, to ensure their maximum knowledge and impeccable skillset in every task related to moving – safe handling of heavy items, packing every type of item, and customer service. We have our own moving vehicles that are well maintained and can fit every move size, and industry preferred equipment and packing materials that will ensure your items utmost safety during the entire relocation process. Our wide array of moving services that can be combined, tailored, and coordinated with your moving requirements will provide you with a seamless moving process that you have dreamed of.

We specialize in all moving types, ranging from residential, and apartment moving – to commercial and storage moves. No matter the difficulty of your relocation, we are confident that we are the best guys for the job. We also place a lot of our focus in the pricing of our expert moving services. We believe that a smooth relocation shouldn’t be a luxury, but something that is easily accessible to most people, and as affordable as it can possibly be. This is why we provide our clients with all-inclusive rates, that have absolutely no hidden fees, and are competitive at the same time. Greenwood Village Movers will place you and your relocation on top of our list of priorities, and we will take utmost care of your precious belongings. We know that relocating is definitely not easy, but we can make it a painless process that won’t take a toll on your wellbeing. We are here for you.

Why choose us

What differentiates us from every other local mover in Greenwood Village? When it comes to a perfect, stress-free relocation process – we really do hit it out of the park, to put it simply. Greenwood Village Movers can easily become your trusted local movers when looking for the best guys for the job in Denver. Our movers are highly vetted, trained professionals with years of experience, who care and are proud to be part of our amazing moving family. What makes us even better?

Your go-to local movers

We know your neighborhood. No matter where you’re moving from or to, we’ve been there. Our movers are experts in navigating the streets of Greenwood Village and Denver in general, and will have no trouble in getting your items where they need to be in the quickest possible manner.

Pleasant moving experience

Greenwood Village Movers takes great pride in the number of impeccable relocations we have performed over the years, and will continue with the flawless service we deliver. We guarantee nothing but a pleasant experience, and know that we have the needed knowledge and expertise to do so.

Licensed and Insured

We are fully licensed and insured so you can rest assured that your relocation is in the best possible hands during the entire process. There is no accident that we haven’t compensated for, and we will go above and beyond in making sure none of that is even needed during your move.

Extreme care for your items

As previously mentioned, we will make sure that there will be no unexpected situations popping up in the middle of your relocation. Our movers are trained professionals that know how to safely handle your items and ensure their maximum protection during handling and transportation.

Protection is key

We at Greenwood Village Movers use only industry preferred packing supplies and materials, which ensures complete safety of your items from start to finish. We will also provide you with moving blankets, dollies, shrink wrap and wardrobe boxes, and they are included in our moving rates.

Friendly customer service

Customer support is vital to your entire moving experience. At Greenwood Village Movers, we know how important it is to have an open, friendly communication with your customers at all times. We will go to extreme lengths to ensure that your moving needs and wishes are always heard and implemented in the process.

Our reputation

We are one of the most reliable local movers in the area for a reason. We welcome you to join our moving family, and become one of the countless satisfied customers of Greenwood Village Movers today.
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